Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix)


let me use you up tonight,
give me your young mind.

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I won’t forget who I am.

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563,362 plays Goodbye Ke$ha Goodbye


Ke$ha’s real Voice

OMG! she need to stop using auto-tuned voice.

Wow .. Is this for real? Because that’s pretty sick.

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When this all started
All was so easy
Never no fights
No long dragging nights
Gotta get over you
Like you’re over me

And how did you make it look so easy?
The way you just moved right along

Now I got to look myself straight in the mirror
At first it seemed it had to be me
but now it’s getting clear
Gotta get over you
like you’re over me.

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We got to wait till five o’clock before we crack a beer
Somewhere it’s gonna be five o’clock, yeah that’s what we say

Drink, smoke, drink, smoke
this is what we do
Drink, smoke, drink, smoke
playing it for you

Born to roam, here we go yeah
Another city and another day

Well we barely see the light of the sun
With all the midnight fun
It’s coming down on my head I feel it
But music’s part of my soul
So I jump back in head first my arms around it

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I’ll wait for you till I turn blue
There’s nothin’ more a man can do
Don’t get your bollocks in a twist
Settle down, don’t take a fit
Ya drank with demons straight form Hell
They almost nearly won as well
Ya wiped the floor with victory
Then puked until you fell asleep

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I sit and watch you from my window, lady
I see you giving yourself away,
I see the ground catch at your feet,
I see the sweet signs of defeat, sweet lady

See, I’ve got nothing left to lose,
I think it’s time I changed my view

I wanna love, I don’t wanna fight.

This song is mellow and smooth. And the beat! Perfect.

Beans in a bowl
Rice on a plate
I don’t know what it is
but everything in my life
is losing its taste

Restless ‘cause I’m careless
Most of all it’s still you
that I still miss

Look at my lips
you won’t hear nothing
Bags beneath my eyes
Gotta tell you something
that I want
That I don’t know what I’ll do
I don’t know what I’ll say
but there’s gotta be a better way

No, nothing’s quite wrong
No, nothing’s quite right
You know that kind of feeling
when it’s too damn quiet to sleep
at night


by We Are Scientists

I’m not calming down.
What’s this all about?

It’s time to stop being so impatient.

I really should get a grip.

I just can’t get enough of The Lonely Island ft. Justin Timberlake. So much early ’90s goodness with these two. Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon ftw! : D

Knives and Pens

by Black Veil Brides

Power Of Moonlite

by Tiger Army

I’d forgotten how awesome Tiger Army was. I love rediscovering my music collection : D

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Lose It

by Austra

Don’t wanna lose ya
Don’t wanna lose
I never knew ya
I never knew
You brought us closer in every shape
You go for deeper, I never take

I get impatient with every word
The more you ask me the more I learn

My face grieved
My face grieved without an emotion

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Girl, you wanted
to shut it all off and make a run for the door

It’s so hard
to make it
For every inch we get we need a mile more

But there is always so much distance can’t but feel it somehow
But you have never ever felt it like you feel it right now
I’m closing off inside and I was only just starting
And you can’t be close enough unless I’m feeling your heart beat

What are you doing now?
And are you going out?
Or has your life shut down?

Are you there?
This thing keeps cutting out
I feel like freaking out
But we keep reaching out